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Toilet Roll LOG SAW

Product ID: 160H
  • Cutting Speed: 0 ~ 200 Cuts/Min.
  • Cutting Diameter: Dia.90 ~140 mm
  • Cutting Length: 90 ~ 300 mm at any size. UNIT: 0.1 mm
  • Installed Power: 15.5 HP
  • Paper Width: 1,500 to 3,600mm
  • Air Consumption: 190 l/min (working pressure: 6kg)
  • Application: Toilet Roll and Kitchen Towel Cutting
  • High Productivity
    • Rotating and Revolution round architecture with a circular blade. Smoothly at the speed up to 200 times per minute.
  • Automatic Blade Grinding System
    • Set the sharpen counter, sharpen time and grindstone forward according to cutting times. Ensure the blade keep in sharpness.
  • Highly Safety Design
    • Multiple Cutter Blade Protective Architecture (Protective Fence + Safety Door +Sensor), provide Blade install tool kit for safety install and disassembly.
  • Friendly Operating Interface
    • Use Man-Machine Interface Operator to set the cutting speed and length.
  • Easy Diagnostic
    • Display the D/I and D/O status of PLC and Error Code, very easy to diagnostic and maintenance.
  • Automatic Core Diameter Clamp Adjustment
    • Flexible Plastic Clamp with a big range core diameter adjustment.
Contact Detail
Sales Contact:Manager Roger Wu, Manager Danny Lien
Address:No.17,Dinghu Rd.,Gueishan Shiang,Taoyuan 333,Taiwan,R.O.C.

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