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Toilet Roll & Kitchen Towel Converting Machine

Toilet Roll & Kitchen Towel Converting Machine Toilet Roll & Kitchen Towel Converting Machine

Product ID: 707CL
  • Operation Speed: 400 M/Min.
  • Log Diameter: Dia. 90 ~ 140mm
  • Core Diameter: Dia. 38~ 50mm
  • Jumbo Roll Diameter: Dia.1,800, 2,000, 2,200, 2,500mm
  • Operation interface: Touch screen
  • 707CL is a three-roll winding system together with the most advanced electronics technology.
    • Sucu as servo control and touch screen. All main functios of the machine are controlled by servo motor. Such as diameter control, core insertion and lower winding roll deceleration.
  • The specification of product can be changed on touch screen at a short time.
    • Such as finished roll diameter and sheet count can be memorized on the PLC and operated.
  • If requested, embossing equipment, edge embossing equipment, print equipment and POINT-TO-POINT embossing equipment can be installed in the machine today or in the future.
Contact Detail
Sales Contact:Manager Roger Wu, Manager Danny Lien
Address:No.17,Dinghu Rd.,Gueishan Shiang,Taoyuan 333,Taiwan,R.O.C.

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